Electronic Health Record Software Description

Clinical Archivist will give you a quick and easy access to all the patient medical records. You can quickly view any medical record for any patient at any point in time in seconds.

The software is easy to use and you can quickly learn it and begin using it in your clinic or hospital.

You can access all the patient medical records from any computer in your clinic, medical center or hospital. Reports are also included that allows the doctor or physician to keep track of the electronic health record updates with ease.

This software will also give you complete control over the electronic medical records of the patients since all the medical records are being stored on your computer.


Electronic Health and Medical Records (EMR and EHR)

Quickly access and manage the health records of the patients in your clinic, medical center or hospital. You can add the patient vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, weight, bmi, height, ...), medications, medical problems, allergies, treatments, prescriptions as well as any custom notes related to the patients.

No Need for Internet Connection

All the patient health records are stored on your computer. This will give faster access to the medical records as well as complete control over the patient medical information.


Built in reports allows an easy checking of the patient condition over any given period by doctors or physicians. You can also save the reports in pdf format to email them to another doctor or directly print them.


Templates allows you to quickly add notes that are usually repeated in many conditions. With templates you can greatly speed up the day to day note taking activities.


You can use presets for medicines, medical problems, diagnoses, prescription instructions, common patient complaints. This will also speed up the data entry of the medical information.

Backup & Restore

You can very easily backup all the health records to a DVD or external flash memory or hard disk.

Automatic Backup

You can schedule automatic backup operations to an external hard disk or flash memory.

Multi-access Level/Permission

You can give additional access level permission or restrict access to certain functions for any doctor in your organization.

Support for Multiple Computers

All the medical records can be accessed and shared between all the computers in your clinic, medical center or hospital.

Multi-language Support

'Clinical Archivist' is available in English and Arabic.

Offline Mode

Continuously check the patient records even while you are away from your clinic or hospital with the use of this special mode.


Download a fully functional 30 days evaluation for Windows.


Buy the full version of the software. A registration key will be sent by email after purchase.

*The price is 160$ per licence. Each licence covers a single computer use. So if you have, for example, 3 computers, you will need 3 licences for that case.
** Each licence also covers 12 months of basic email technical support.


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